Neuro-tech for human peak performance and wellbeing

we use neuroscience and psychology to solve problems for people and businesses.

neuroscience meets athletics

for clubs and athletes that need that mental edge

learn how to stay focussed

Allegori online helps students preparing
for major exams. no more focus pocus.

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be more

we teach you to control your brain's activity to achieve the things that matter to you. From better sleep or focus at work, we've got you.

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create art with you mind

turn your memories and thoughts in to art that you can hang on your wall.

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easier to focus, easer to study

the focus clinics helps students preparing for major examinations like cxc, cape and even acca.

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my son's experience has been incredible. He had issues with prioritisation and especially with homework. Today his homework gets done before he gets home and he did really well last semester.

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