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THe focus clinic helps students from 7 years old focus and improve academic performance using data and Neuroscience in 6 hours or less.

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My daughter, attended the 'Focus Clinic', during and after completing, her focus and marks improved, she is motiviated and she has alot more energy while managing her inner self. Thank you!
Sharalyn (Parent)

just focus child!

Remember when you were younger? Your parents said, “Child! focus and do your work”. The thing is no one taught us how to focus.

We will teach them how.

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My older son is on the autistic spectrum. It means that he struggles with focusing....it’s difficult to tune out noise at school to stay on task. Shortly after he started working with the team from Allegori, I woke up to my son ironing his dress uniform. He’d gotten up, had breakfast, showered and was ironing!!!! He barely forgets assignments now and his grades last term placed him in 7th overall in his class. Highly recommended!!!!! Very happy mom
Debra (parent)

how does it work?

In our mindlabs We use real-time electroencephalograms (EEG) to visualise their brain activity. We then teach them how to control it to improve their focus, attention and mental toughness.

we also teach cognitive and behavioural techniques for managing the stresses of study and exam preparation.

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I am currently in the focus clinic and I must say Allegori has helped me greatly. I never would have known that Cognitive Fun existed if it weren’t for them. Their specialists are not only friendly, but well-equipped and quite professional as well. I recommend Allegori to anyone who is seeking a brain-training specialist.”
Rowan, Form 4 student.


here they learn the core parts of brain control, distraction resilience, time management.

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elites learn advanceD brain control techniques and focus training. They also learn mood and sleep hacking.

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The most advanced program of the focus clinic. Olympians learn peak performance techniques, sensory learning and advanced memory techniques.

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